Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi everyone!

My name in Anna and I live in the beautiful city of Kiev,Ukraine.
Honestly, I’m not a model, not a stylist, not a disainer and not a buyer…My husband is non-pro photographer either (yes, we make a good team)
I’m not saying that anybody should look up to my style and I’m not gonna teach people how to dress-up. I make fashion mistakes too!
I just wanna share my daily outfit ideas with you, my thoughts, inspirations and my personal style as well. Hope my looks will help someone to find their own inspiration!
Thank you for your comments, I would really appreciate any feedback and take it into account to become better…

So Welcome to my fashion diary :-)

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  1. Greetings, Anna! I am John from the United States.

    After having seen a lot of your outfits on LOOKBOOK, I decided I post here in your blog. To say the least, you are an absolutely beautiful lady with wonderful fashion charm. You have a beautiful smile and lovely hair. I have been fond of most, if not all of your outfits. So it brings me great pleasure to have Fanned you on LOOKBOOK. I hope all is well with you outside of fashion. Please take care of yourself and be well.

  2. Добрый день. Это Сорока
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    Белинская, Лиза краснова, Эвелина Попова...
    В своем модном блоге Вы создаете стильные и красивые образы, за что мы выражаем вам глубочайшую признательность, и мы также заметили, что

    многие из наших украшений гармонично бы в них вписались. И хотим подарить вам одно из них! Сообщите нам,пожалуйста, свои данные для отправки

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